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Over the last decade Lamp Technologies has developed 6dm, our proprietary delivery and development methodology. Rapid and iterative, 6dm strives to maximize the potential of your project while meeting your requirements and budget.


6dm begins with Discovery and guides the project all the way through Deployment and Optimize. With a thorough understanding of your business, the Lamp Technologies team translates functional and business requirements into detailed project plan documents that leverage best-of-breed interactive technologies. Our technology and business strategists, programmers, architects, and interface designers work with your team to create and implement a comprehensive technical and creative blueprint.

Our online project center provides you with a 24/7 customer extranet. Password protected, the project center provides you with access to your project timeline, status reports, documentation, graphic design review, team contacts, and staged versions of your site while the project is under development.

Exclusive Development Process

The Lamp Technologies Digital 6dm process is a phased implementation methodology that provides comprehensive guidance for defining and meeting all necessary requirements and milestones. We ensure success from the initial meeting with your business through the successful delivery, launch and maintenance of your Web application. The six stages of 6dm are:


  • Engage: Assess the customer needs, assure match to Lamp Technologies’s abilities,
  • Discovery: Envision the solution, define what Lamp Technologies Digital will develop,
  • Design: Crystallize the idea, define how Lamp Technologies Digital will develop it,
  • Develop: Execute the project through successful completion,
  • Deploy: Implement the solution on-time, on budget and on-spec,
  • Optimize: Identify ways to improve the solution and the process


At Lamp Technologies Digital we realize that project success is not a function of technology or artistic Web design, but of a solid development and delivery process. According to data from International Data Corporation below, the rate of delivery for developing and delivering Web applications on-time, on-budget, and on-spec is very poor.


  • Almost 70% of Web applications developed will never reach completion or launch.
  • 50% of Web applications developed will not match the original specifications or vision.
  • Web application projects can average 180% over their original budget – and take twice as long to deliver as originally planned.


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