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Movie ticketing Booking System is an innovative solution that helps you enjoy the many offerings of the entertainment industry in the easiest and the most convenient manner.  a company that specializes in development of multi platform mobile applications, and browser and web based solutions for businesses. MBS is a robust ticketing system that simplifies the job of business owners and thousands of their customers.

MBS works on two parallel fronts. Firstly, we make it convenient for business owners to create, publish and sell tickets through our highly efficient platform,and in the process, watch their sales and returns register a multi-fold increase. Secondly, our easy to use and user friendly system makes it easy for people to buy tickets online rather than going through the inconvenience of purchasing them offline.

Our comprehensive platform is highly functional. One can use MBS for all sorts of ticketing purposes, be it movies or special events. Furthermore, our platform is integrated with social media, which enables you to make the most of social networking channels. Easy mobile interface, makes it convenient for booking through smartphone. MBS also have a mobile friendly interface .

Custom Pricing
The best part is that you can obtain immense benefits and convenience at almost no costs. We do not charge monthly fees or installation fees. You can avail benefits of custom pricing structure. For a small ticket booking fee, you can reap enhanced benefits, ensure the success of your event and build customer loyalty by offering excellent customer service


Multi Theater Feature Document


  • Log in using a valid (username or email) and password
  • Recover the username/password using forgot password

ü  Recover login details using your registered  mail id


  • Create a new account with basic information
  1. Username , email and password and its
  • Email validation and captcha is available
  • Confirmation mail will be sent to the registered mail id

My account:

  • Account settings

ü  Manage profile (view and edit)

ü  Change password

Check availability:

  • After Login User Can Search Movie From Movie List.
  • User Can Check Ticket Availability.
  • If a ticket is Available User Can Book Ticket.
  • Shows the trailers by using YouTube video.
  • The user can rate the films

Book ticket:

  • User Can Search Movie By Using Movie, Date, Show, location, language and Class.
  • Then Select Number Of Seats to Book.
  • After Select Number Of Seats, Select Seat Numbers From Seat Layout

Online payment:

  • After Seat Selection User Pay Ticket Amount.

Print ticket:

  • After Completion of Payment.
  • Ticket Send To User Mail Account, User Address.
  • And Display Printable Ticket in Site.



  • Divisions:

ü  View the no of divisions in company

  • Executives:

ü  View the no of executives in company

  • News:

ü  View the latest news posted by company


  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Social media likes
  • Features


 Counter ticket booking:

Counter user login:

  • Counter User Login with Counter User Name and Password.
  • After Login Counter User Start Ticket Book.

Current booking:

  • After Login Select Show Time for Current Booking.
  • Counter User Book Ticket in Two Types (Auto Seat Book, Manual Seat Book).

ü  Auto seat book:

  • Counter User Only Select Class and Number Of Seats.
  • After Selection Seat number book automatically.
  • Then Print the Booked Ticket.

ü  Manual seat book:

  • Counter User Only Select Class, Number Of Seats, Select Seat Number From Seat Layout.
  • After Selection Book the Ticket.
  • Then Print the Booked Ticket.

ü  Cancel booked ticket:

  • If Customer Need To Cancel Ticket.
  • Counter User Just Enter Ticket Number Then Select Cancel.
  • Ticket Cancelled From Booked List.


Admin panel:


  • Login using valid username and password

Change password:

  • Password management (Change new password)

User management:

  • Manage user(view and delete)

Theater management:

  • Add the new theater
  • Manage theater(view, edit and delete)

Class management:

  • Add the new class
  • Manage class (view, edit and delete)

Show management:

  • Add the new show
  • Manage show (view, edit and delete)

Movie management:

  • Admin Can Add New Movie.
  • Admin Can Edit Old Movie Details.
  • Admin Can Delete Movie.

Location management:

  • Add the new location
  • Manage location (view, edit and delete)

News management: 

  • Add the new news
  • Manage news (view, edit and delete)

Executive management:

  • Add the new executive
  • Manage executive (view, edit and delete)

Division management:

  • Add the new division
  • Manage division (view, edit and delete)

Features management:

  • Add the new features
  • Manage features (view, edit and delete)

Schedule management:

  • Admin Can Add New Movie Schedule by upcoming and current.
  • Admin Can Edit Movie Schedule.
  • Admin Can Delete Movie Schedule.

Report management:

  • Admin Can View Daily Report, Weekly Report, Monthly Report.
  • Admin Can View Counter User Report.

Site settings:

  • You can manage site settings and information’s

ü  Change site name

ü  Change admin mail id

ü  Keywords and description

ü  Website url

ü  Website logo

CMS management:

  • Admin can manage the cms pages

ü  About us

ü  Terms and condition




  • 100% advance on Domain & Hosting
  • 100% advance before files being uploaded in your domain/server.


If the payment is made during Monday to Friday between 10 AM to 6 PM IST, product will be delivered within 24 hours.  If payment is made during weekends (Saturday & Sunday) or during any Indian National Holidays, the same will be delivered within 48 hours of payment.

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