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Inexpensive purchase and management of YouTube clicks, likes and YouTube channel subscribers


Lamp Technologies  is a new and unique web project in Germany which can provide your YouTube videos selectively with clicks, positive reviews or your channel with subscribers. In addition, extensive statistics on your videos and YouTube channels are available to you. As a registered member, you have the opportunity to supply YouTube views, positive YouTube video reviews and channel subscribers to your videos by purchasing advertisement points. The charging of your points account can be done safely and quickly via the payment service Paypal or instant transfer. After the receiving the money, the advertisement points are automatically credited on the respective account, and are immediately available for all products. They can be used either for YouTube video insertions, YouTube video reviews or YouTube channel subscribers. The user is completely free in deciding when and how many advertisement points are to be used for a single video. Our innovative platform enables you to grant high popularity to your videos in no time.

As a registered member you can benefit from numerous advantages:

-Inexpensive YouTube views and YouTube video reviews
-YouTube channel subscribers
-Transparent point system
-Designing individual campaigns
-Extensive YouTube channel statistics
-A clearly arranged user area
-Twenty-four/seven support
-Easy and safe payment by verified payment services

Our transparent points system enables the simple and purposeful implementation of advertising campaigns. The innovative points system is used for ordering our products. The advertisement points can be purchased quickly and easily via PayPal –

The points system is structured as follows:

1 international view = 1 advertisement point (minimum booking of 10,000 views)
1 country-specific view = 2 advertisement points (minimum booking of 10,000 views)

Price: 10,000 views : Rs.6000/-

For questions about the points and their use, you can send a request to our support team anytime. We care about your questions 24/7 and answer them promptly.

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